INNOVAMEDICA S.p.A. is a 100% Italian private and independent trading company which has been operating in the medical sector since 1999. INNOVAMEDICA S.p.A. is a leading distributor on the Italian market of medical devices for some hospital specialties including minimally invasive and mechanical surgery, digestive endoscopy and enteral nutrition, urogynaecology and endourology.  Emerging and innovative in these specialties, INNOVAMEDICA S.p.A. sells medical devices combining quality and cutting edge technology at affordable costs.


INNOVAMEDICA S.p.A. headquarters are in Cusago, near Milan West Ring Road, including warehouse and customer office, which coordinate distribution all over Italy.  The company has a sales network of agents and employees and only in some areas it relies on regional distributors.


  • Enhance company leadership in introducing technology innovation in the medical sector.
  • Identify on international markets new medical devices  that are not only technologically advanced but also economically advantageous and affordable for the national health care system.
  • Enhance the value of human resources as individuals and as a team, ensuring their professional and economic development.
  • Foster teamwork, sharing and imagination in problem-solving
  • Provide clients with an excellent service.


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